Smalltalk OPML Parser Progress

I was fortunately able to take over a week off for Thanksgiving. The break from work was just what I needed to clear my head. It also gave me an opportunity to do some more Squeak hacking.

I worked on the OPML parser I'm writing. I was able to use Chronos to parse the RFC 822 time format dictated in the OPML specification. I used Chronos to parse the RFC822 time into a DateTime and stored that in my OPMLHead class. Beautiful. Easy. Love it.

What's left? Not much. I need to add more tests. I've got two OPML sources that I'm testing against. I'm using an OPML example I found on the web and the OPML that lists my Google Reader subscriptions. I'm going to try to find some other OMPL test data and get a few more documents to test.

I've decided not to do any custom exception handling. This seems appropriate since the parser will be consumed as a component in other custom applications. So, I'm not going to wrap exceptions from Chronos in some kind of OPMLParser exception.

I'm planning to release the OPML parser as OSS and put it in SqueakSource. I'm not entirely sure how to do that or if I'm even doing my work "correctly", but we'll figure it out. You and me. Together. Love ya', Mr. Internet.


Claudio Acciaresi said...

Hello from Argentina! I'm really interested in your OPML parser! If you want to start publishing it, please tell me, that I can give you some hints :).

Claudio Acciaresi said...

By the way, may you publish the labels of your blog?


Tom Pierce said...


Hello from Texas!

I'm ready to start publishing, so fire away with hints.

Also, regarding your question about the labels on my blog I'm not quite sure what you are asking. What do you mean by publishing the labels? Do you mean as a feed? Not sure if blogger can do that...

Claudio Acciaresi said...

It is all here :).

Good luck!!!