Outlook 2007 Slow To Open Messages With Attachments

I recently had to reload my Vista machine and this weekend I installed SP1 for Office 2007. This week I've noticed that Outlook 2007 was very slow to open messages that had attachments. After much digging on the Internet, I finally saw a comment from someone that mentioned turning off Attachment Preview to speed up Outlook. So, I went to

Tools -> Trust Center -> Attachment Handling

and turned off attachment preview. This solved my problem!

Thank you Lazy Web!

Updated 04/24/2008 2:26PM: WRONG!!! Turns out the problem was Symantec Antivirus. Don't know how to fix it, so for now I've disabled the email scanning. :-( Not happy.


Django on Windows

I've been considering options for playing around with mashups. There's alot of options. However, since I'm back in the Python mindset (see earlier post), I'm going with Django. Further, to make this quick to hack on, I'm going for Django on Windows.

This article talks about "Installing Django on Windows in less than 5 minutes". It's great, and I love it. Thank you!!!!

Programming Collective Intelligence

I've started reading Programming Collective Intelligence, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a really well written book that gives you a good introduction to the emerging field of Collective Intelligence. Segaran does a great job of taking the theory and mathematics and applying them in practical ways to real world problems.

The examples in the book are written in Python. I'd love to have the time to play with rebuilding them in Smalltalk or Common Lisp. However, I barely have time to even read the book. So, it's back to Python for me for a while. (Just between you and me, it's making me giddy to get back to Python, Emacs, and the down and dirty hacking that I used to love.)

So, if you're interested in Web 2.0, the modern application of Artificial Intelligence techniques, or doing really cool things with Python then you should grab a copy of this book.