Google Moon

A posting on Paolo Amoroso's blog made me aware of Google Moon. This is a cool demonstration of how the Google Maps technology is "earth-independent". (Hopefully I just coined a phrase, but I suspect the science fiction community beat me to the punch decades ago.)

In addition, check out the link to Google Earth. I just downloaded it, and I don't have time to play right now. It looks like a hoot, though.


IBM sales no more OS/2

Slashdot has a story about IBM officially ending sales of OS/2 this year. Goodbye old friend! I fondly remember when you ran Windows 3.1 faster than DOS could. I'll also remember when I was writing 8086 assembler code in your DOS box so that when I screwed up interrupt vectors I could just close the DOS box and reopen. You saved many a three finger salute.

Optimus Keyboard

Slashdot has a story about the Optimus keyboard. I WANT ONE!!! I don't know if I would ever truly reprogram the keys, but it just looks SO cool...

Optimus Keyboard