Note Studio Ceased

I was catching up on some blog reading today and came across the announcement that Dogmelon will no longer produce Note Studio. This really bums me out. Note Studio has been my tool of choice for GtD kung fu for the last few years. I try others, but the personal wiki draws me back. I've loved that I can sync it with my Palm and have everything with me. I've even done my weekly review on an airplane before.

I understand their reasons. I'm sure it's tough balancing products, financial considerations, and personal interests as a small (micro?) ISV. I don't fault them for their decision at all. I think they handled the announcement reasonably well too.

So, as a final send off I have to say thanks to the Dogmelon team. Their tool along with Volker Kurz's GtD templates helped me find my personal GtD style. Thanks a million, guys!