Ubuntu Upgrade is like Butter

I just upgraded a VMWare image from Fiesty Fawn to Gusty Gibbon (7.04 -> 7.10). I used the prescribed upgrade method. Everything went smoothly. The only hitch was that my scroll wheel on my mouse wasn’t working. Thanks to this thread on the VMWare forum, I was able to get it working. Like the others, I suspect that the problems are due to VMWare and will be addressed in a future VMWare tools update.

The Canonical guys are making running a Debian based Linux too easy. I’m going to have to give up my Captain Kernel Patch secret decoder ring.

Update 11/11/2007: I changed the labels on this post because I didn't follow the rules and put commas in between the labels. This makes it look like one big label and me look like one big idiot.

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