Chronos Date/Time Library - the answer for my RFC822 needs?

I just found the Chronos Date/Time Library for Smalltalk. According to the site:

Chronos is a reusable code library, written in Smalltalk, for the
creation of and computations with date and time values. It provides classes to
represent and perform computations with point-in-time values, temporal extents
(durations of time) and temporal intervals (specific periods of time, such as
the quarter from 15 July 2005 through 14 October 2005.) Chronos implements the ANSI-Smalltalk Standard DateAndTime, DateAndTimeFactory,
Duration and DurationFactory protocols.

Provides very flexible parsing of dates, times and date-and-time values from
character data--including full support for ISO 8601, RFC 2822, time zone names,
time zone abbreviations and time zone offsets.

Nice! I will be giving this a try as time permits. There is a Squeak port!

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