Traveling in One Bag

Over the years I've started realizing some things about myself. One of which is that I'm always going to be looking for the way to do something better. This has, and will, lead me to drink the Kool Aid of productivity experts and organizational systems. I admit it - I'm a productivity geek.

About a year ago I stumbled upon the One Bag site. It obviously struck a cord with me and I hungrily devoured every page on the site. I decided right then and there that I would buy a suitable bag, lighten my load, and make the jump on my next trip. This would be just the thing I was looking for on business travel.

The bag I chose was a Red Oxx Air Boss. This was largely based on the fact that Doug Dyment, the creator of One Bag, helped design it. However, I was drawn to how well designed and built the bag appeared to me (I also have a thing for bags). Once I received the bag, I realized that I had made an exceptional choice. The Air Boss is simply fantastic. I won't go into it here, because others have lauded it at length.

My first excursion traveling in one bag was a 5 day vacation to Tennessee. I packed my Air Boss using Doug's bundle wrapping technique for my clothes. I took a few pairs of jeans which made my bundles big and heavy, but everything fit in the Boss. I also packed enough shirts, undergarments, toiletries, laptop computer and charger, a book, and a magazine. I packed a dressy pair of shoes in my wife's bag (she was checking hers), but everything else fit in one bag! The trip was great - didn't have to worry about lost luggage, didn't have to worry about weight limits, and I didn't have anything stowed under the seat in front of me. A successful trip and I was happy. But, could I make it work for business?

This week I had a 3 day business trip to Chicago. I only needed to pack 2 days of clothing because I traveled in 1 day and out the 3rd day. I packed up the Boss with 2 sets of clothes, pajamas (not necessary, but I had a room), undergarments, toiletries, laptop and charger, Jawbone, USB sticks, iPod, Headphones, Kindle, small notebook with pen, plastic folder, a magazine, and USB charger cords for iPod, cell phone, and Jawbone. I wore my heavy coat with my gloves and ear muffs in my pockets. I packed my laptop in a Brain Cell from Tom Bihn. This makes a great little laptop bag when you get to your destination, and you can use the shoulder strap from the Air Boss with the Brain Cell.

Traveling light to Chicago on business in the winter was a breeze. My Boss easily fit in the overhead on the plane. I folded my coat and put it under the seat in front of me. The Kindle was excellent because I took two books, a whitepaper, and an essay with me on the device drastically cutting down on my load.

I have now become such a huge fan of traveling in One Bag and my Air Boss, I don't want to go back. Although I'm still not sure I fully understand how people travel internationally this way, I'm building the courage to try it some day. I'm a convert... and a geek... especially because I took the time to write this post! ;-)

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Andrew said...

Yes I quite agree I mean what's the point of being treated like sheep. What's the pointof going abroad if you're just another tourist carted around in buses surrounded by sweaty mindless oafs from Kettering and Coventry in their cloth caps and their cardigans and their transistor radios and their Sunday Mirrors, complaining about the tea - "Oh they don't make it properly here, do they, not like at home" - and stopping at Majorcan bodegas selling fish and chips and Watney's Red Barrel and calamares and two veg and sitting in their cotton frocks squirting Timothy White's suncream all over their puffy raw swollen purulent flesh 'cos they "overdid it on the first day."

...and once a week there's an excursion to the local Roman Remains to buy cherryade and melted ice cream and bleeding Watney's Red Barrel and one evening you visit the so called typical restaurant with local colour and atmosphere and you sit next to a party from Rhyl who keep singing "Torremolinos, torremolinos" and complaining about the food - "It's so greasy isn't it?" - and you get cornered by some drunken greengrocer from Luton with an Instamatic camera and Dr. Scholl sandals and last Tuesday's Daily Express and he drones on and on about how Mr. Smith should be running this country and how many languages Enoch Pow ell can speak and then he throws up over the Cuba Libres...