Erlang in My Future

jaerlang I’ve been thinking about trying out Erlang for a couple of years. Last night, my wife and I were in the bookstore… alone… with time to look at books. I picked up “Programming Erlang”. Reading through the cover and some of the front matter drew me in. So, after some deliberation, I bought it.

I read through Chapter 2 last night. Boy, Erlang is unique. However, I think I’m going to enjoy it.

I’ve put it on the bookshelf for now. I have some other reading and techie stuff to knock out before I really dive in. But, I’m getting excited.


Andrew said...

Just think... master Erlang, and you can join this gentleman in the prestigious group of Erlang coders:


Andrew said...

On a side note, what would you give to see the original Monty Python troupe (in their hayday) make a parody of the Erlang video?