Vista Backup Leaves Me High and Dry

OK, guess what - when Vista Backup says it does not backup any program files, it turns out that means ASP and ASPX files as well.  I wish I had seen the comments on this post first.  But I didn't.  So, now it looks like I've lost some ASPX files for a charity project I was working on in my latest round of laptop shenanigans.  GRRRRRRR!!!!

Unlike the guy in the comments, it seems to have saved my CS files.  In fact, it saved the code behind files for the ASPX files, but not the ASPX files themselves.  GRRRRRR!!!!

I'm pretty hacked right now.

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Philippe Lejeune said...

Correct Tom,
That's why I zip my website before backup.
I also need to keep VS2005, because layout with layout toolbar doesn't work in VS2008 (you can not select two or more objects)