Outlook 2007 Slow To Open Messages With Attachments

I recently had to reload my Vista machine and this weekend I installed SP1 for Office 2007. This week I've noticed that Outlook 2007 was very slow to open messages that had attachments. After much digging on the Internet, I finally saw a comment from someone that mentioned turning off Attachment Preview to speed up Outlook. So, I went to

Tools -> Trust Center -> Attachment Handling

and turned off attachment preview. This solved my problem!

Thank you Lazy Web!

Updated 04/24/2008 2:26PM: WRONG!!! Turns out the problem was Symantec Antivirus. Don't know how to fix it, so for now I've disabled the email scanning. :-( Not happy.


Anonymous said...

Corporately I am stuck with Symantec at work and can't disable it. However, turning off the preview really helped my problem. Thanks for the tip!!


Anonymous said...

Open Outlook and go to Tools->Trust Center
Navigate to Add-Ins in the left column
Select COM Add-ins in the Manage drop down and click Go
Uncheck any Norton or Symantec product and Click OK

Anonymous said...

Here's how I did it for Outlook on an Exchange server. It's similar to the 2nd comment, but different in the last couple of steps:

1) Open Outlook
2) Go to "Tools" in menu bar
3) Click on "Trust Center..."
4) Select "Add-ins" in the left menu
5) At bottom of window for "Manage:", select "Exchange Client Extensions" and click "Go..."
6) Uncheck your antivirus software name (mine was "Symantec AntiVirus 10.1")
7) Click "Ok"

Effects should be immediate!

Robert said...

The tip involving disabling using the add-in manager worked like a charm.

Stupid Symantec.

Anonymous said...

I just turned of Symantec in the Add-ins and did fix the problem immediately. many thnaks. ditto stupid symantec

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions here! Worked great.

Alexis said...

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Anonymous said...

Disabling using the Norton add-in worked for me! From 3 mins to open an attachment to 3 seconds.

Note that I had to reboot to get it to pick up the changes. (I think Outlook is caching itself somewhere since it opens instantaneously on my old PC. But it wasn't worth the trouble to figure that out when a reboot worked.)

Wolfgang said...

You made my day. Disabling email scan in Symantec itself didn't change anything. But disabling the exchange add-in did the job. Down from minutes for opening an email with attachment to 1sec. Thanks!

Alexis said...

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gobi said...

sir when i open outlook2007 its run like last time your outlook was not closed properly and its taking lot of time to open my outlook how to come out of this solution please help me

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Alex said...

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Anonymous said...

Disabling attachment preview worked, in my case.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the help - this advice was useful and will save me a lot of time

Anonymous said...

I was able to go into Symantec and disable the outlook auto protect and that did the trick!!