The Right Development Team for Rails

Glenn Vanderburg has a good post about "The Right Team for Rails". Having no Rails (and almost 0 Ruby experience) I cannot vouch for the article's accuracy. However, I'm betting he's right on the money.

Glenn says:
The wrong Rails team is one that doesn't understand those principles and practices. The fact that Rails makes things easy won't be enough. In my experience, such teams expend amazing effort and ingenuity to do the wrong thing.
I love this paragraph. If you remove the Rails references, there's universal truisms in here. It applies to almost any technology or language. In fact, you could make the statement about something as general as "programming" and it would be applicable.

So, like Glenn, I think we're still saying, "This can make good, well-informed people really efficient. However, the rest will still find it difficult to succeed."

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