I outsourced my DNS: Losing a little more geekitude

This is a big day for me. I made the decision to outsource my DNS to DNS Park. I feel good about the decision because DNS Park seems like a reputable company, and their web-based management interface rocks. However, I realize I've lost some geekitude by doing this.

It's really a question of priorities. I find that my free time in front of my computer ain't what it used to be. It's not only that I prefer to spend more time with my daughter, but I've also made a shift to more coding and less system administration. So, maintaining my DNS server isn't something I enjoy doing any more.

I feel a bit bad because I know it's not really that difficult to maintain a DNS server once you understand how they work. In fact, once you get it setup, you don't have to do anything as long as nothing changes. HOWEVER, I've been through 3 static IP changes (ISP consolidation) and 2 operating system changes (it's a bit of a personal problem controlling my OS fetish) in the last 2 years. Every time something changes, I'm reminded of how I'd much rather let someone else set it up and maintain it.

So, goodbye DNS! I hope my little domain will be happy at DNS Park. We'll know in 24 to 48 hours after "the propagation" happens...

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